Last week BGR did a piece on things you can do using Android Apps (or even native functionality) that you just can’t do with an iPhone. Whether it was launcher replacements (like Cover or  Smart Launcher), replacement keyboards (like the all-time great: Swype), widgets and profile apps, you end up controlling more of your phone, and with fine-grain precision too. The truth is people want this functionality. Heck, some of it predates the “smart” phone (ie – Blackberry profiles). Even though I’m all for ease of use and a slick interface, the device is MINE. It needs to work for me, not the other way around. If you’re not a power-user, I get that much of this isn’t important. I don’t tell people NOT to get an iPhone or a Windows phone, I just have a preference.

Never one to leave good enough alone, Zack has added yet another 5 apps to the list to drive the point home. First off is the focus on the lockscreen in the context of handy data (specifically calendars). He features DashClock Widget as well as Event Flow. Both populate all sorts of data into the lock and homescreen. Pretty great if you want instant access to your calendar, weather or some other dashboard-type data.

Revisiting the concept of the learning phone covered with apps like Smart Launcher and Cover, BGR reviews Aviate which changes things up throughout the day and learns your behavior. It’s really very good, but not perfect.

Finally the author covers AirDroid and Tasker. I use AirDroid when I must. It lets me transfer files to and from my phone over WiFi or the internet. It’s kinda slow, but it works. Tasker is another story. It will literally automate anything you want to do on your phone. Text someone at a certain time, run programs, change things, etc. It’s for the truly productivity driven, or just plain lazy. Have a look at the list and seriously consider how you use your Android phone if you’re not familiar with at least some of them.

Top 10 Android Apps That Do Things iPhone Can’t | BGR.