Introducing The DURR, A Vibrating

Don’t call it a watch, but it certainly goes on the wrist. The DURR is what the maker is calling a “shivering electronic bracelet,” but what with a plastic disk mounted to a leather strap that vibrates in 5-minute increments, what would you call it?

If you were waiting for more detail or more features you’d be out of luck. That’s all she wrote folks.  Make no mistake – this is a novelty. The idea here is to remind the wearer about how we subjectively experience time, with the same interval feeling completely different depending on the circumstances. It takes the basic form of a wristwatch and uses it to tell time in a totally different way. Not that this is going to appeal to many, because it’s not exactly times to the hour either. Co-created Lars Marcus Vedeler told us this play was intentional. “The shape of it is somewhat ironic regarding its functionality. It doesn’t show time, but instead makes time tangible to the user by shivering every five minute – notifying him/her about the passage of time.” It’s also interesting that unlike a wristwatch, which requires you to look at it for the time, the DURR gives the time to you of its own volition and you cannot get the time on command at all. In this way, you’re at the mercy of the device, rather than the other way around.

At 39MM, 9.5mm thick and in a range of c0lors from grey to pink, the $135~ price tag won’t appeal to many. I guess that’s why they made a limited run of 50 pieces.

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