Concept S-Class Coupe - Future Vehicle | Mercedes-Benz

Auto enthusiasts this is your week – I’m posting a second car piece specifically because of how annoying this concept car is to me. The design is uninspiring and way too similar to the new CLA. The diamond front grille is enough already, really. Save it for the special models! I’m calling rip-off. There, I said it. Squint your eyes and take a step back and you’re looking at the familiar lines, blue lighting (a la BMW i-class) and uncanny rear resemblance to a BMW 650i. Ugh!

On paper everything sounds great: A twin-turbo V8 cranking out 449 hp, its a sleek two door  loaded with features, including advanced lane keeping, cruise control, and collision prevention systems, high-end Burmester audio, a panorama sunroof that can go from transparent to opaque at the push of a button, an available heads-up display, and a large infotainment display. So it’s a tech dream. In addition,  the new active curve tilting (dubbed “Magic Body Control”), which combines with Active Body Control system with a pair of front-mounted cameras to detect upcoming corners and actually lean the car like a motorcycle up to 2.5 degrees to reduce lateral acceleration is an absolute first.

So yes, all this sounds great. But I can’t LOOK at it.

Concept S-Class Coupe – Future Vehicle | Mercedes-Benz.