Longtime Windows enthusiast Paul Thurrott has been verbally beating on Windows 8. And although he thinks that Windows 8.1 made many fices, he now believes the company has taken a big step back.

“The problem with Update 1 isn’t in any single small functional addition,” he writes. “It’s in the strategic direction that this update implies… So what does Update 1 add to the mix? This time around, Microsoft has committed what I consider to be the cardinal sin of Windows: It’s a return to that age-old issue where Windows simply grew, spaghetti-like, to accommodate every silly possible need of the system’s too diverse user group. Now, there are multiple ways to do different things in Metro, too. This previously consistent environment — like it or loathe it — has finally been put under the committee’s knife.”

Thurrot goes on to criticize the meshing of the mobile and desktop OSs as well saying it makes everything into Frankenstein’s monster. Rather hyperbolic, it’s certainly true that Microsoft will has a lot to do to make as many of their customers as possible happy.

Have a read of the article below, read up on Paul Thurrot and check out his site.

Microsoft Windows 8 criticism: ‘Disaster in every sense of the word’ | BGR.