Oh, how I loathe proprietary cables. It’s been something that a number of manufacturers have insisted on over the years, no of whom have stuck to it quite as tenaciously as Apple. The latest iteration has involved the lightning cable. You’ve got to use them because the unintended consequences are way too great this time around. Use the wrong cable and it could melt. Use the wrong charger and you can be electrocuted. Let’s not even talk about the fact that Apple hasn’t made a point of ensuring a smoother transition when it ditched its long used pin-connectors.

Apple has recently lowered the cost of their MFi Lightning program. Apple seems to have lowered both the price of the MFi license and reduced the minimum number of parts that need to be ordered. These moves will make it easier for accessory makers to offer less expensive licensed Lightning cables, as well as other products according to Macotakara:

“Apple lowered the price of MFi licensing use rate and Lightning connector purchased amount from January, 2014. It is thought that it takes time so that a price is reflected by Lightning connector accessories dealt in by the companies.”

It would seem that things will be a little easier to digest if you want to kit up your Apple gear.

Are cheaper Lightning accessories on the way? | iMore.