Louis Vuitton - Collections - Men - Men's Bags - Stories - THE NEW DAMIER COBALT CANVAS COLLECTION

Louise Vuitton might as well be a word in the dictionary for money, no? It’s a luxury/style status symbol. Women love a good LV bag, shoes, etc. Men opt for the attache or a watch or perhaps a wallet. But what if plain black or olive isn’t your things. Perhaps this new collection and it’s blue hue is for you.

Inspired by the rich blue hues of the world’s oceans, the Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt Collection is here to add a blast of color to your staid brown/black accessory assortment. The Collection is split up into three families — travel, bags, and small goods — and includes everything from the Zepher 55 trolley case and Keepall 55 weekender to the oversized Brazza Wallet and the minimalist Card Holder. A decent tote will run you $2,000 and a something small like a card case to the tune of $300+. Enjoy burning that extra cash.

Louis Vuitton – Collections – Men – Men’s Bags – Stories – THE NEW DAMIER COBALT CANVAS COLLECTION.