Gucci - Embossed-Leather iPad Sleeve | MR PORTER

There are some brand names you associate with fashion, others with lifestyle. Some with technology and other with manufacturing. When I think of Luxury, the Gucci brand isn’t at the top of my own personal list, but it comes to mind eventually. When I think of tech, Google, Apple and Samsung pop up. Over the years a number of luxury and fashion houses have created accessories for tech items. Luggage and good companies were first. Tumi makes great bags and their tech accessories (cases, etc) are just as good. So of course when I think of an iPad, Gucci doesn’t really cross my mind. But I’d be wrong, I guess.

Embossed with the signature pattern and crafted from supple black leather, this sleek black iPad sleeve is a sophisticated addition to your repertoire. It’s transformative really – making an already established status symbol into a luxury. It ain’t cheap (on SALE for $225), but it sure looks good. Don’t expect it to provide a heck of protection though. I doubt it was designed for that anyway.

Gucci – Embossed-Leather iPad Sleeve | MR PORTER.