With all the recent talk of wearable tech it’s easy to overlook the timeless qualities of a fine vintage watch or a well made name-brand modern timepiece. In a conversation yesterday, someone pointed out that vintage watches are often more expensive than there moderns counterparts. For good reason – they’re in limited supply and tell quite the story. But no worries, yours might be a classic one day too.

Buying vintage watches from reputable sources can be really rewarding. Finding one in an unexpected place is also a treat. That being said, there’s an ENORMOUS market for fakes, some of them are just so good you need to be an expert.  Unfortunately for a new member of the Vintage Rolex Forum, $100,000 went a long way to nothing. Within seconds, his fellow members were on top of his pictures with plenty of scrutiny. It was clearly a fake and an awfully large investment, Buyer beware. Do your homework and when it comes to your wrist, stay true folks. Have a look and read more!

That Time That Vintage Watch Deal That Was “Almost Too Good To Be True” Was, In Actuality, Too Good To Be True — HODINKEE – Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories.