So, are we adding one more to the pile, or will this be “The One.” Fitness trackers (call them bands, watches, trainers, wearables, whatever) are a segment that was practically non-existent until the last year or so and is now exploding. Each has their own take. As a person who’s tried a few, I know what I want out of mine. Actually my needs are quite simple. Give me the newest version of the BodyMedia fit–the one with a heart rate monitor, smaller form factor and softer/more durable materials–and I’m all set. Oh, and make sure the battery works for at least 2 weeks at a clip and make it hypoallergenic (including the band) and totally waterproof. Also, make sure it’s algorithm adapts to the activity I’m doing at the moment.

Alas, the BodyMedia Fit 2 has been in hiding for almost a year since it was announced. The acquisition by Jawbone seems to be the culprit. So with what the Reign is purporting to do, will it be the new go-to? This particular device take the fit portion up a notch. It’s made out of soft, seamless materials that actually shape to fit your wrist over time, while eight interchangeable size options let you tailor it to you. Like most activity monitors, it is compatible with iPhone, Android, and web apps, while featuring wireless connectivity. It also tracks your life by activity, monitors your sleep, and lets you know when it’s time to get active. Visual reviews show a heart rate monitor and it claims some forecasting ability through it’s “Go Zone” segment. There’s also this mysterious reading it does first thing in the morning.

I have questions as I’m sure you do. I’ll report back when I learn more.

Reign by JayBird – coming this Summer.