I’m usually pretty open-minded in the context of bags. It take a lot for me to label something a purse. This collection–in its entirety–wouldn’t qualify for murse status, but there are a few suspect pieces.

Fashion house Givenchy previews its Spring/Summer 2014 “LC” collection of travel accessories. The collection is the latest effort to come from the Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci diffusion and was designed as a new “unisex” interpretation of the brand and a more “masculine version” of the Lucrezia women’s line. It might just be this qualification that I find suspect.

The bags, which include a briefcase, 24-hour bag and weekender, are crafted out of calfskin leather into simple, proportional shapes. Orange and florals are at the extreme of the collection among more subdued neutral designs. The collection is expected in January. Enjoy!

Givenchy 2014 Spring/Summer “LC” Collection | Hypebeast.