Shop — Mifland : A Leather Goods Company

What am I always saying about backpacks? If you can’t put it down next to you proudly in the boardroom, don’t put it on in the morning. Do I wear a backpack to work? Yes. It’s a Tumi Alpha Bravo and it’s a kickass piece. But I’ve featured so many others, so why not keep it going.

Mifland combines minimalist design concepts with premium materials for an interesting combination that’s suitable for any environment (read: still works for work). They craft pieces that are both traditional and sophisticated. The fine detailing matched with a sense of ruggedness tells a story of their inspiration, a time when travel accessories were made to function against the elements and age well with time. But damn do they look good. Expect to drop between $300-$700 for one, but know that it’s a worthwhile investment

Shop — Mifland : A Leather Goods Company.