Essentials: Alex Drayer of Lexdray | Hypebeast

Talk about thorough! At first look this might be the most comprehensive (read: overblown) essentials spread I’ve ever seems. But hey, this is what the guy needs, so they’re HIS essentials.

Alex Drayer’s brand “Lexdray” and the intuitive bags and cases it produces have earned him no small amount of respect for their functionality and craftsmanship. His diverse experience gathered from having lived in several U.S. cities over the course of his lifetime and having traveled across the world nurtured his love for street culture and bags in particular. A background in sales for radio and sports franchises as well as consulting for fashion brands more than prepared him to launch his own line. Since its inauguration, Lexdray has released over 15 different styles with an additional four coming next month and established collaborative relationships with Staple Design, Kid Robot, Red Bull and Boylston Trading Co. to name a few.

Let’s have a look at what he’s got in tow:

  • Bespoke Nike AF1, and keychain (his own brand)
  • Lbiza Pack (again, his own brand)
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano
  • Softcase, Passport case, bag tag (all Lexdray, again)
  • Astro Gaming headset
  • Wu Tang Clan Book
  • Benjamin Eyeglasses
  • A Rebel T5i, Powershot and some nifty lens extenders
  • Rohlban and Canvas Society note/sketchbooks
  • A serato box, controller and some vinyl of course
  • Some Sharpies, card reader, and a couple of knives

Essentials: Alex Drayer of Lexdray | Hypebeast.