3.1 Phillip Lim | Hypebeast Store

I like gear. And accessories. Well-made and timeless, structured and unique, you can tell a lot about a guy by what he wears on his wrist or carries on his shoulders. So let’s take a look Phillip Lim and his Summer 2013 wares, specifically his 31 Hour bags.

Lim’s popular 31 Hour series has more to do with today’s fast-paced, modern lifestyles than a specific time or year. Back again, the 31 Hour Bag and Backpack are accessories ideal for those on the go, individuals whose jam-packed schedules always seem to require more hours in the day.Make no mistake though, it’s for busy people with discerning tastes who don’t shy away from spending for quality.

Above is the roomy carryall featuring a fully-zipped top that can either be folded or extended according to the user’s needs. In addition there is a backpack with a top zip and carrying handle. On tap is also a glasses case and a messenger bag, but they’re from a different line.

Made from super0rich  cowhide, these styles with take you from the airport to meetings and everything in-between in class. Priced at $1,250 each. (eye-glass case and messenger are a bit cheaper)

3.3.1 Phillip Lim | Hypebeast Store.