I’ve said it before, but I’ll gladly reiterate. You’re a grown man. You shouldn’t be rocking a JanSport or a canvas messenger bag, especially to work. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those given the utility that they offer, but you could do better. What I’m saying is that if you need the utility of one of these items and you consider yourself a professional, make sure they look as good next to that big oak desk at the office as they do on you in the street. Details, proportions and especially durability (you’re a man, man) are key – as are materials. I don’t advocate for spending money you don’t have, and there are certainly cheaper alternatives, but this company (and the featured items) caught my eye.

The Old School Laptop Rucksack ($670) was designed to create a bag that is unique but familiar at the same time. Designed with the 13″ or 15″ MacBook Pro in mind, there’s an easy access pocket inside and a zip pocket for your wallet/phone. The rucksack is handmade completely from premium leather. It’s small and compact yet completely capable to fit daily items. It’s completely comfortable on your back and is padded to protect your laptop. The straps are fully adjustable, reinforced and padded with our 100% wool felt. Solid zippers, belt buckles and embroidery make it a classy item. Treat it well, expect it to last.

P.S. – they also make shoes, accessories and other items worth checking out.

Leather rucksack/backpack. Fits up to a 15″ MacBook Pro. Handmade in Italy. | hard graft.