Verizon is at it again, reveals game as part of new 'Droid' campaign | Android Central

Surprise Surprise! Verizon has let the cat out of the bag on–wait for it–a really crappy game. Told you so: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/06/19/verizon-posts-trailer-for-new-augmented-reality-game-dcom-droid-combat-disappointing-is-an-understatement/#more-111620

After yesterday’s reactivation of its DroidLanding twitter account and cryptic tweet: “”Reactivation protocols initiated ::: Systems nearing operational status ::: Stand by for further instructions…”, it seems a treasure hunt of sorts and some gameplay are in store for those who still care about the Droid brand.

The latest tweet states: “Incoming ::: Nationwide sightings of 50-ft mechanized wARriors under the command of civilians.” and includes a link that takes you to a promotional Youtube video that reveals even more info.

The video, seen above, shows off some fancy Droid-like animations and sounds, but focuses on large AR (augmented reality) robots being placed in locations all around the country. At the end of the video, some branding information reveals the names “D:Com – Mission Alpha” and “Droid Combat”.

Is this the beginning of the Moto X, aka XFON launch, HTC One Variant, or something else entirely. Too soon to tell, but you can be sure it will be a typical Verizon let down. The OG Droid is rolling in it’s alloy grave.

Verizon is at it again, reveals game as part of new ‘Droid’ campaign | Android Central.