Vine launches on Android with exclusive features | Android Central

Add this to the ’bout effing time column! The 7-month-old iOS exclusive app has finally made it to Android. These days, platform specific launches are more irritating than ever given the unification going on in so many parts of the social networking universe. To say that added Android-specific features are a consolation just smacks of added irony.

Don’t know what Vine is? (really?)  The app allows you to create and share six-second square-shaped videos and follow fellow Viners through your own tailored feed. Essentially, it’s Instagram for video. In addition to all the editing and social networking features of Vine for iOS, the Android version of the app is getting something unique — zooming support. The Vine team also promises further updates in the weeks ahead, including front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags and Facebook sharing. So there you have it – go make you some clips!

Vine launches on Android with exclusive features | Android Central.