What’s all the hubbub around Google Play Services and the info we gleaned from I/O this year? Well, for one this, it’s more than consolation for not getting any new hardware or the latest version of Android. And that’s actually the point: we no longer have to wait for the latest and greatest version of Android to reap the rewards of the newest software and programs. The OS version takes a backseat because this very special API handling is no longer core to the operating system. Google has shifted a number of things all at once. The API is no part of the core OS, app development can include more referential design and less embedded functionality, and finally, the progression of the system is less fragmented as it is out of the hands of carriers and OEMs alike. Bravo!

Android Central has done a little more elaborating, but if you get the gist already, you’re welcome.

Google Play Services gives control of Android back to Google | Android Central.