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No Work Emails Apres 6PM | (Don’t?) Hate The French!

As much as I hate to admit it, I think the French are onto something in this case. Being a Human Capital Professional, I can appreciate how employee-friendly the country is. Generous vacation time, shorter work weeks, job security and social medicine go a long way in protecting the workforce and boosting productivity. But that’s not the issue here now, more like background. Let me digress a moment. There’s a reason many folks end up sleeping with their smartphones (guilty as charged). Many take for granted that they can send emails to their employees and colleagues after work or on the weekends. Whether or not there’s an expectation it will be read and acted upon is another story. But when you add this to a barrage of notifications hitting our devices it keeps us pretty glued to that little LED. Anywho, back to the French. No, I wasn’t exaggerating the title, they’re doing away with work emails after 6PM…

Almost a million workers won’t need to put up with workplace email intrusions anymore, though. A deal signed by tech industry employers and several unions in France means many companies are now forbidden by law to contact employees electronically after their work day is over. The plan was hailed by worker groups, but not everyone was happy. France has a large digital sector, with a big presence by Google, Facebook and others, and many critics claim that France already has too much bureaucracy. Still, such labor-friendly laws are understandably popular with the public. The legally-oriented person I am wonders how this effects employers with offices outside of France or how time-zones come into play…

No work emails after 6PM please, we’re French.

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